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We are on the verge of a revolution in healthcare and technology, combined with a drastic change in the worldwide economy. 
Join me in my search for the interface between medicine, the potential of new technology, and the power of 
cyber-human collaboration.

Welcome to the road to our common future

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Listen, Enjoy and Learn



Listen, Enjoy and Learn


Join me in my voyage to the future

"Erik was chairman of the day at the National PACS congress "Value based imaging" organized by MedicalPHIT. He knows how to talk to the audience in a very inspiring way and to bring the event timely to a successful conclusion. The conference and his workshop received a very high score from the audience".

Hans Mekenkamp 

Owner MedicalPHIT and
Health Care IT Expert

"Erik is Europe's Keith Dreyer. His interventions are a mix of pragmatism, fine vision and a quest for excellence in healthcare."

Frédéric Lambrechts

Osimis S.A.

"Dr. Ranschaert is perceptive about how radiology AI works in the real world, and using informatics to improve both patient care and business efficiency. His lectures are both entertaining and educational, and he is superb at organization and getting projects done."

"From the very beginning Erik became crucial to our business not only as a medical doctor and radiologist but as someone who understands the processes and broader impact and importance of technology within health care".

Lukas Alner

CEO of

Raym Geis, MD
Senior Scientist,
ACR Data Science Institute


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